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i have the K Line hand held remote control unit with several K Line operating cars.


I am considering purchasing the K Line By Lionel CN dumping log car.  Does anyone know if the original K Line Remote control unit (remote is just branded K Line) will operate the K Line By Lionel operating cars. I know there is a K Line By Lionel hand held remote control unit available (6-21438) And branded as K Line By Lionel. 


Is the functionality of the two remotes identical, I.e. do they both operate the same operating cars. 


I know they do not work with Williams cars.

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I am not sure if the K-Line by Lionel remote will work with K-Line operating cars, I don't have any experience in that area. I just know that Lionel picked up a lot of K-Line items and put the Lionel name on them.

If gunrunnerjohn says it will then it should.


However I do know that K-Line's remote won't work with Williams or Williams by Bachmann operating cars. Also Williams remote won't work with with Williams by Bachmann operating cars but the Williams by Bachmann remote is supposed to work with all K-Line and Williams operating cars, at least that is what Bachmann claims.


Lee Fritz

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