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Hello Dan ---


You got those two cars at a good price, yes !    However,   K -LINE,  MTH and LIONEL O-Gauge generic "stock facsimile passenger car" items have attempted to be used to be passed off as "MU Cars"  in the Blueliner  (Blue & White)  Reading Railroad Paint Scheme (or for any Reading scheme)  and as such are  TOTALLY INCORRECT bodies - compared to the EXACT and ONLY Body type that the Reading Railroad used for its MU Car Fleet.  The Reading Railroad used ARCH ROOF MU Cars --- see photos of the real Reading MU Cars in the Blueliner Paint Scheme.

These Reading RR MU cars may have been made in HO Scale BRASS decades ago (not sure) - but they recently were made in HO Scale by Imperial Hobby Productions -- and are exact replicas of the real cars, including the proper trucks and underbody.  -- see PHOTOS ATTACHED

BELOW----Top Most photo --- are the K-LINE "fake" Reading RR MU Cars --  having totally WRONG ROOF,  window spacing wrong and window posts way too wide on car sides;  Roof is also missing Hi-Volt MU Power Cables, supports,  and related roof hardware;

The additional following 4 photos show the proper and ONLY body style used for the Reading Railroad MU Cars

The SECOND photo shows an MU Reading Car in a Rail Museum but with roof hardware removed as it is now used a loco hauled trailer coach there.

Provided because you did ask for comments on them --- if even only for performance.

regards - Joe F

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NYC Model Transit System



K-Line O Gauge 'READING RR' M U Cars [incorrect)the REAL Reading RR MU CarsREAL Reading RR MU CarsReading-MUs-30th-St.-Sta-PhiladelphiaHO SCALE READING RR MU CAR PRODUCTION RUN




Images (5)
  • K-Line O Gauge 'READING RR' M U Cars (incorrect): Incorrect roof,  missing roof electrical hardware,  incorrect side windows -- window posts far too wide
  • The REAL Reading RR MU Cars: This motor car missing its roof hardware as it undergoes restoration in a RR Museum
  • REAL Reading RR MU Cars: Seen at Reading RR Market Street Terminal Trainshed Station
  • Reading-MUs-30th-St.-Sta-Philadelphia: Reading-MUs-30th-St.-Sta-Philadelphia
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If they run as good as they look, you still got those at a good price. There is always kitbashing, getting an arch roof out of a Walther's O scale kit...or from MicroMark...I THINK Walthers made an MU kit which might even have closer to prototype versions of those metal Walther's sides....(if you find one of those Walthers kits, I would study it before buying)...depending on how much you are willing to modify, and how much of a rivet counter you want to be...(I kitbashed my K-Lines into a combine gas electric)...the trailer is just a K-Line coach, but would need same treatment to match.


Joe, to add to my statement above, the Reading Terminal brings back fond memories for me.  Having worked in town most of my career, I used it many times.  And to bring back more memories, I would stop in Wanamaker's on the way home around the holidays to catch the Lionel displays in the toy department.  As a kid, my mother always liked the Lionel aluminum passenger cars, and wanted to get them for my brother and I.  Well, that is until she saw the price Wanamaker was asking.  I don't think she knew about other sources for Lionel.  

S on Reading RR to Crusade NB from Reading Terminal-1947
Hello Dan ---

Yes, I also well remember the old Reading Railroad and Reading Railroad Terminal building and train shed in downtown Philly facing Market Street.  I was first there back in mid 1968 and of course took photos of the facility and trains up thru many following years.  Did many joy rides on the old Reading MU Cars -- and lived nearby two Reading commuter line stations for a few years in the 1970's (Wayne Jct and Wister Stations).   You may enjoy these photos I have provided. I also remember trains thru 7th Street Station in downtown Reading PA !

PS:  That 2 car K-LINE MU set you got -- I don't know WHERE K-Line got that color scheme --- was never used as far as I remember on Reading cars. (Brown & Blue) At least MTH and LIONEL got their Pennsy MP-54 MU (and Trailer) Bodies correct and scale !

PS:  Don't know why on this new Forum software, my first  4 lines are in BLUE COLORED TEXT -- I didn't cause that !!!!

 regards - Joe F


Reading RR Train Shed-Phily Terminal-1980Reading RR Terminal Shed-1976Reading RR Terminal-1976Reading RR Train-7St-Franklin St Station, Reading PA-1977Reading RR MU's on PRR Paoli Local, Merion STA-1990


Images (8)
  • Reading RR Phila. Termimal-1976
  • S into Reading RR Phila. Terminal-May-1967
  • S on Reading RR to Crusade NB from Reading Terminal-1947
  • Reading RR Train Shed-Phily Terminal-1980
  • Reading RR Terminal Shed-1976
  • Reading RR Terminal-1976
  • Reading RR Train-7St-Franklin St Station, Reading PA-1977
  • Reading RR MU's on PRR Paoli Local, Merion STA-1990
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Hello Dan --- 

Then YOU will love this YOU TUBE video shot in 1984 - (32 years ago now !!) - of the Reading RR Terminal Station Interior and Train Shed when it was in use --- link below:

For a city that values (supposedly)  traditions and history -- you think they could have kept this historic train shed alive WITH the railroad terminating there even AFTER the Commuter tunnel was opened that connected the ex-Reading RR and ex-Pennsy RR (SEPTA of course) Commuter Rail Lines thru Center city !  This shed could have been a tourist attraction as one of the last few huge arch train-shed surviving in the USA.


AND ALSO - Here is a News VIDEO from November 1984 the night the last Reading RR (under SEPTA) Train of Original MU Cars departed the terminal after which the station was closed !.  Note the back then VERY YOUNG anchor JIM GARDNER  in this 32 years ago news video.  We see Jim on the evening news still as the anchor today !

I am sure you will,  like myself,  remember all these scenes with much nostalgia !

regards - Joe F


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Joe, they were great to see.  Thank you for posting the link.  I cannot recall when the Market East Station actually was opened and the Reading Train Shed closed.  But I do remember the construction of the tunnel.  On the way home from work, most days, I would stop into Nicholas Smith on 11th Street before catching a train in the old terminal.  

What amazing me was the underpinning  and building of the new tunnel under the existing train shed.  All of this while the train shed was in use !  I also recall some rather large rats being disturbed by the work, scampering around the streets above !  I hadn't seen rats that large since my time in country, Dong-Ha, Vietnam, 1968/69.

When we had 17 1/2" South Shore pairs, we ran them with a Pullman sleeping car on the rear.  It was not unusual for the Chicago, South Shore and South Bend to drag a loaded Pullman to South Bend for football weekends.  Lodgings were at a premium, especially when a California team was playing Notre Dame.  The car would carry passengers from California via the Santa Fe, be switched to the Burnham Yard and picked up by a South Shore train to be spotted at South Bend for a couple of days.           Did other commuter lines provide a similar service?        John

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rattler21 posted:

Dan,    Good for you, that is a very good price.  We had both South Shore 18" sets, liked them a lot.   Would not run on K-Line O-42 curves without the roller going off the center rail.  John

If you remove the steps they go on a tighter radius, I think I even moved the steps out so it could go around tighter corners

Dan--  I have TWO pairs of K-Line Interurbans...   A "South Shore" pair with pantographs and a "Pacific Electric" pair with Trolley Poles.  But man, those cars are long !    I also have a three-car set of Pennsy MP54 Suburban cars, two Pennsy GG-1's, a Great Northern EP-5, and a bunch of trolleys.  I better be careful-- I'll be tempted to string overhead catenary !  My wife has seventeen trolley cars in her collection !!

Ken Shattock  (KRK)


East Penn Traction Club



The first set of South Shore that K-Line introduced had really bad color - more pink than orange.  The interior lights shine through the body.  The later ones are better.  And as previously mentioned, they are far from being prototypical. 

But at $59, that's a good deal.

I keep hoping that someone will bring out a prototypical CSS&SB set.  And hoping, and hoping...

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