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I picked this K-line tmcc K4 up from a guy on eBay last year and it's been nothing but a pleasure. I love the sounds and the 100 speed step control. Great locomotive in my opinion. Obviously these K-line models are known for their great detail and I thought I'd share a few small improvements I made.

First thing I did was make a shorter drawbar since I run minimum o72. Took the tender shell off and fed the tether back so there isn't a huge loop. Looks like the auger if you use your imagination a little 😉


I found some jewelry wire and thought "why not?" so I fed it through the bell and whistle rope stanchions and wow! Taking 5 minutes to do that made a huge difference!


Very pleased with how it came out so I thought I'd share! I'll update this thread as I add more. Anyone else care to share their locomotive improvements?


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I agree rope pulls make a big difference. I was originally inspired by MTH engines that have been adding this detail since the early 2000s. Other easily added details are class/marker lenses using flat bottom jewels, similar to the pointed ones used in non lit markers but with a flat bottom, also coupler lift bars and chains if not already equiped plus air hoses on the pilot. Then cab curtains and engine to tender deck plates. The latter requires a straight tether or wireless one.


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