I picked up a K-Line Santa Fe. It had a DC transformer in the box, which made me wonder about the motors on this. Can I use this on my 3-rail (Fastrack) layout with a CW-80 transformer?

Just want to make sure I'm not going to damage anything before trying.

Anybody have a great link to helping me identify different motors?





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Neil, even before you open it up (and you'll be looking for a circuit board with wires leading to both motorized trucks), just power it up on the track with the DC power pack. If the circuit board is there, you'll be able to run it forward, neutral and reverse with the DC power pack, without having to use the directional switch on the DC power pack.

If the engine only runs in one direction without changing the direction switch of the DC power pack, then it's likely the directional circuit board in the engine (which also converts the power from AC to DC for the motors) has been removed. In this case, using the directional switch on the DC power pack, the engine will run forward and reverse with no neutral.

OR it's also possible someone replaced the circuit board with just a bridge rectifier, so that the engine runs forward only on AC power from a transformer.

Though I can tell your locomotive has been altered, as the directional lockout switch that is factory installed in the hole on the underside of your engine is missing.

As best as I remember, Kline never built anything that was DC only. I have several of their products and consider myself a Kline customer (back when they were in business, obviously). Lionel offered some DC engines years ago, maybe in the seventies, but it was sort of an experiment. Lionel did not offer O gauge DC products in a really significant way.

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