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This has been converted to two rail with new couplers. Unfortunately I just don’t have the time or knowledge to switch it back to three. I also already have a 3 rail New Orleans Pullman. So I’m selling my spare to someone with more patience and’s in great shape!

Open to offers. Would like to get at least $50 out of it. Willing to trade for a 18” Lionel Pullman with interior (maybe Apthorpe House or Cent Star)

Shipping will be $30 for USPS Priority. Will happily refund whatever money isn’t used.


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  • 49A03E3F-1831-4B14-9CBE-961766A72CF5
  • 4729A3DD-ACEA-4873-9FD2-767AF36C0766
  • 669E1862-18AD-410E-B5D8-54ACB652F42D
  • E10F41CF-7673-4151-8CA1-D762C4CA41DF
  • 45315C87-ABD6-4568-B93F-3FAE05ACAD5D
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