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I put the above engine on my test loop with 9 passenger cars. It pulled the cars around my 5x16 test loop like a trooper. Suddenly the engine began to slow and get progressively slower. When I pulled it off the track I was shocked to find that the left valve gear had apparently seized and bent, shown in the photos. It looks like the parts are ruined and I have idea where to get replacements, let alone disassemble and reinstall the new parts, if I can find them. Please help! I really don’t want to lose this beautiful loco.  


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  • IMG_2562: Valve gear damage
  • IMG_2563: Valve gear damage
  • IMG_2561: Another view
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It looks to me like the bent parts could be gently straightened with finger pressure.  Avoid the temptation to use pliers, etc., because the knurled tips will mar the finish.  If the mounting point on the die-cast shell is also bent, that will be more difficult to straighten; it might require heat from a hair dryer, etc.

If you're determined to replace the bent parts instead of straightening them, I'm pretty sure that all of Lionel's Legacy K4s issued since 2010 or so were based on this K-Line design.  So you just need to find the product number-- 6-84556 is one of them.  Here's a link:

Also, if any of the existing parts are held on with a rivet, you'll need a way to secure the new ones.  The better question is, WHY did the valve gear get bent?  Did the crosshead (thrusting part) seize up due to lack of lubrication?  Loose bolts?  Did a wheel spin on its axle?  If you don't find the root cause, new parts will be a waste of money.  My $.02.

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