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PRR Pennsylvania
Plymouth Switcher
Die Cast
Smoke Run
$95 plus shipping
I ran this unit around my layout a few times
Mainly to show people how it can pull 15+ cars!
It is a real powerhouse.
It is very clean. Still smokes (See pics)
reverse unit works fine.
Markers lights on sides tend to break
but these are intact!  (See pics)
A nice unit - Hard to find.

hand car 006hand car 007hand car 008hand car 009hand car 010hand car 011hand car 012hand car 013


Images (8)
  • hand car 006
  • hand car 007
  • hand car 008
  • hand car 009
  • hand car 010
  • hand car 011
  • hand car 012
  • hand car 013
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