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Can a failed e unit from a k line S-2 be diagnosed? I did replace the failed board and the loco runs fine now but I am interested in repairing the original board. The board heats up rapidly and does not seem to have any output voltage. My only diagnostic equipment is a multimeter. There were no signs of physical damage or overheating to the board components.

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Diodes or a bridge are at the input side of the board. Typically its the output devices to the motor that fail either triacs or transistors. You can apply voltage to the board and just feel whats getting hot, then check them with an ohmmeter to verify if they are shorted. You may have to hook up a motor to do this test. K-Line E units do tend to fail though.



Two of the power transisters are blown. I am going to replace all four. During shipping of the locomotive to me (at time of purchase), the weight stack had loosened and may have contacted (and shorted) the board. Either that or someone tried to run the locomotive without any lubrication. Hard to say. It works well with the new board but I wanted to have a spare and to learn a bit about the electronics as well.

Thanks again.

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