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Many in our club (North Penn S Gaugers) jump on the whenever they can be found.  Their trucks roll unbelievably well.  We did tests on our layout:

Old Flyer: about 4 to 6 feet

New Flyonel  about 6 to 8 feet

S Helper about 8 to 12 feet

K-line about 20 feet

Test was repeated  several times with different cars  for each manufacturer.


Here a some pictures for comparison. The yellow and green boxcar is from American Models. it is a 40’ car like Gilbert, but is a model of a taller prototype. The K-Line car is wider, longer and taller, with a more peaked roof. Overall it is about 1/60th scale. The painting quality is excellent. The next is a K-Line car coupled to a Lionel AF car, these are the same as a Gilbert car.

The two tenders show the difference between the 1/64th scale Challenger tender on the right and the Big Boy tender on the left. The K-Line boxcars work perfect behind the S gauge Big Boy and also more modern, larger diesels such as the SD70ACe and the ES44Ac.IMG_3921IMG_3923IMG_3924IMG_3932IMG_3934


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