In my K-line 2005 Second Edition catalog it lists three SD70 diesels for the collectors club. CSX, Alaska and Santa Fe. They were only $125 for the conventional version and $275 with electrocouplers, smoke and digital sound. Also there were second road numbers and matching cars. I don't remember ever seeing these engines or cars. Don

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They do exist. The K-Line SD70s were put in Lionel boxes. The way you can tell off the bat if the model is a K-Line version, is by the extra handrails on the pilots and the rubber hoses on the pilots.

If the model has cast in hoses and no handrails on the pilots, then it's a Lionel model that came after the K-Line models.

I got the sd70 CSX.   It was produced by Lionel, when K-Line and Lionel had some legal problems which led to K-Line folding.  The engine was an outstanding model, however, it had numerous problems with the electronics.   I eventually replaced the Lionel-Kline boards with a ERR cruise and Railsounds and runs great.


I have the Santa Fe SD75 with TMCC. Even though it was offered with a second road number (211), I've personally only ever seen and have the 204 number.  Maybe since Lionel was making them to honor the existing KCC purchases, they opted to only make one road number?


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