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Here's what I'm looking for. I'll contact the guys about the Kansas and Wisconsin cars.

K-Line State Quarter Cars Needed

Alaska - Boxcar
Delaware - Tank Car
Florida - Tank Car
Hawaii - Die Cast 4 Bay Hopper
Kansas - Die Cast 4 Bay Hopper
Louisiana - Tank Car
Maine - Tank Car
Maryland - Tank Car
Michigan - Tank Car
New Hampshire
New Jersey - Boxcar
North Carolina - Die Cast Gondola
Ohio - Tank Car
Pennsylvania - Boxcar
Rhode Island - Tank Car
South Carolina - Die Cast Gondola
Tennessee - Die Cast 4 Bay Hopper
Vermont - Boxcar

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Originally Posted by N&W 1218:
I was able to pick up 25 plus the caboose. I just need the ones listed above. No rush. I'm trying to get them for a reasonable price.

Not to speak for Scott, but you just may end up better off with a bulk buy (since you do need half of the set) than picking up each of the 25 separately at single unit pricing.  (of course then you'd need to deal with the spares, and finding someone who wants them, so I can see why that might not be attractive to you).


(I have no financial interest in you buying Scott's cars, just making an observation)



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Originally Posted by scott.smith:

I have them all. Any offer?

Scott Smith


Update --


I am now only looking for the following:


K-Line K632-8028 -- US Mint Philadelphia Tank Car Bank (#19106)

K-Line K632-8029 -- US Mint Denver Tank Car Bank (#80204)

Lionel - 6-22457 -- Alaska State Quarter Bank Boxcar

I am ready to purchase if you have these! They need to be as close to "New in Box" as possible.








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