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Need some advice.  I bought a K3610-4529CC Mikado with Rail Sounds and TMCC.   I have a Cab2 system.   I Lubricated the engine and then went about programming it for my layout.  I set it up as TMCC and RS.  sounds work fine, Horn, Whistle, Electro couplers all work.  

My issue and question is this.   The engine does not move until I have the throttle at 8 sometimes 11.  Once it is running it seems to speed up a little bit then slow down.  Is this normal for this era?  2003 manufacture date.

Thanks Matt

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The CC in the P/N that K-Line used stood for Command Control.  If you have the original black and yellow box on the end flap will show the features of the locomotive.  If your Locomotive had cruise control from K-Line the feature would be listed as Cruise Control.  Right now i am having similar issues in that when I apply power to the track and address the Locomotive.  I can operate Rail sounds the couplers and steam release.  My difference is if I run up the throttle at most I get a little movement  then a jump and then it stops all together.  If you have not removed your Locomotives case and assuming your locomotive has Cruise Control, one of the methods K-Line used was a piece of tape on the fly wheel that had striations on it to act as a tach.  The tape has been known to depart from the fly wheel.  That is the easy fix for early K-Line Cruise equipped Locomotives.

@OddIsHeRU posted:

My apologies, Pat. By MB, I meant “mother board,” as I have seen that abbreviation in other contexts. In effect, I guess I meant both Kline cruise and non-cruise boards. So then the existing Rail Sounds board works with either the original Kline Cruise or the upgrade Cruse M boards, right?

No worries Richard, just wanted to make sure I was telling you correctly....yes, the Cruise M is just a driver replacement. It’s practically a bolt in swap, and since you would be only replacing the driver, the factory railsounds can remain if so equipped....


That’s comforting to know Pat, thanks. I have only four Kline TMCC equipped power units, but am blessed in that all are still functioning well. My only problem was with the 15 inch Pacific Electric pair which derailed and caused a short on the great San Diego 3-Railers layout. The short took out the TMCC boards, and even though they were still under warranty, I returned the PE cars fully expecting to pay the bill. To my delight, the people doing the Kline warranty repairs at that time insisted on repairing/replacing the boards without charge. Kline was great!

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