I notice a couple of K-Line Texas Mexican Railway 40 ft boxcars for sale on eBay. The boxes are labeled "TCA Texas Mexican Railway Classic Box Car", with a number that appears to be K-649117IC. Not being familiar with K-Line products, I was wondering if anyone knows if these are "traditional" toy train style cars, or more accurate sized o scale cars on hi-rail trucks with hi-rail couplers.

Thinking about acquiring one with an eye to converting to 2 rail (if feasible or possible), or at worst, as a guide for buying an undecorated Atlas 40 ft boxcar and using the K-Line boxcar as a painting/lettering guide.

Any thoughts or ideas?

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The K-Line car is described as 'classic' in one of the auction sites (= not scale to me) and its road number is 3096 where Pinterest shows me a pic of a close-by 3151 which is a nice 50ft flat-roof car.

So I think it's not worth converting and, as I'm 5+ hours ahead of you, I'll be interested in hearing what you've found out later!!


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