You keep saying that Jim, but it's hardly useful information, we heard you the first time.  What would be useful information is an explanation of why certain areas can't access it directly.

Rob Johnston posted:

I have been unable to access the website as well.

I can ping

I can access the site as and get a list of directories.

Can not get HTTP to load and can't find an HTML file.

Could not get any contact info from the site.

Does anyone have an e-mail point of contact?

If you look a few posts up from yours, the owner of the site has already posted to this thread.

I don't think it's actually an issue with the site itself, though it could possibly be the hosting service.  It seems to hit specific areas, I haven't figured what is going on yet

Last night, I was able to access that site just fine.  This morning, same computer and browser; NO JOY!  As GRJ says, this is an internet mystery that we, as users, may never be able to solve.  If I just wait patiently, or maybe try one of GRJ's proxies, I'll get back there eventually.


That's been my experience as well.  I have, at times, been able to access the site.  Then a couple days later, with no changes in my configuration, I'm back to getting the cryptic index page.

And, of course, six hours later, connection is reestablished and site is available, and I did nothing but try my bookmark link again.

C'est la vie.


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