K-Line/Lionel Ringling Bros Cars

I was wondering if anyone had a listing of all of the Ringling cars that were made by K Line..... We too are looking at collecting some of these....  

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They made the cars in three different versions. 027 plastic like the Lionel 2400 cars expect longer, 18 inch Heavyweight both with and without interiors, and 18 inch Aluminum. If you go to this site they list all the circus cars and engines. http://www.legacykline.com/apps/kl/kline_ui.html   Hope this helps. Don




Thanks Don! - A big help.....

Here's a list of most of the cars and trailers I have.  These are the older, silhouette cars.  They're toys so in my imagination the silhouettes in the cars are real people just like the engines are real.  The really great thing about the circus train is that any road name engine is or could be appropriate to pull the cars. 


<caption style="font-weight: bold">Kline circus cars</caption>
Part #ManufacturerTypeDescription
665601KLINEflatcircus king tusk
830093KLINEpassengercircus psgr. coach
830094KLINEpassengercircus psgr. performers
830095KLINEpassengercircus pie car
830096KLINEpassengercircus observation
830080KLINEpassengercircus advertising
830073KLINEpassengercircus baggage elephant
830072KLINEpassengercircus horse baggage
6810KLINEcraneringling bros circus
6861KLINEboomringling bros circus


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