I recently picked up one of these very handsome locomotives with very little run time.  It generally runs very well and smooth, particularly at slow speeds. It had a minor lurch changing speed at two speed steps.  I did a reset, and changed the speed steps to 128.  Doing so corrected this issue - for now.  Based on what I have read, the K-Line Cruise is suspect and prone to failure.   When that time comes, I’ll upgrade to Cruise Commander M, add the Chuff Generator, and Super Chuffer.

Today’s questions are regarding chuffs.  

The first concern is that the chuffs are not properly timed to wheel revolution.  There are approximately 5 chuffs per revolution.  I reset the chuffs to 4, which made no difference.  To experiment, I set it to 3 chuffs per revolution, which yielded somewhere greater than 3 less than 4.  I measured and programmed the wheel diameter, with no change.  Are there any other steps that can be taken to address this? 

The second question is regarding the maximum chuff rate.  It seems to “top out” at a relatively low rate compared to my other RailSounds equipped locomotives.  Any thoughts?



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Jim, this is all controlled by that "prone to failure" K-Line cruise module, that's where the chuffs are generated.  I have one in my closet that will get the ERR Cruise Commander M, the Chuff-Generator, and my Super-Chuffer.  At that point, I think it will be a very nice little locomotive.

You can fool around with a bunch of parameters with the K-Line cruise.  My experience has been spotty with trying to adjust all that stuff, sometimes it just seems to ignore the commands, other times it works out.  The lack of good documentation on the system is doubtless a big part of the problem.

I have a drawer full of expired or semi-expired K-Line cruise modules.  They've come in with all sorts of odd behavior from "up in smoke" to just occasionally going haywire.  I'm truthfully not sure why I'm saving them, as I'm very unlikely to want to install one again.

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