Kadee Conversion - 3d printed pilots for MTH ES44AC

Thanks Rich. Now that you mention those, I have 2 of them on deck that I never got to 2 railing! So the SD50 was the closest. It must have a hair more room as it works.

 You can see by your work that the MTH truck is a cast piece so the only thing I can think of easier, would be to cut a small area off the tab with a radius to create the room. I don't know what engine Dave spoke of that would have that tab removable?

 Can you machine off some of the mounting blocks on the stock pilots? I had a MTH engine like that and I remember grinding something to raise the coupler??

If the body is low you could shim it slightly to help?

Edit: I have another BN SD45 that I did convert. I used the KD 843 short box. The difference maybe that I made my own shims and mounted the couplers to the original pilots. So I could adjust the height and how far the box sticks out on mine. It just fits and rubs a bit when handled off of the track in the front only.


It's getting bad around here? I don't know what I did!

" on Sour mash and cheap wine " ??

Why go back to DCC when I have DCS!


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Back in town now, here are some pics of the fit check. I haven't cleaned the parts or anything yet, so they still have some of the waxy finish on them.





Clearance to the truck is close, but works:


View from the underside on the body shell:


And with the coupler mount:


At this point, I am satisfied with the design, so as soon as I can get a write-up put together for the shapeways page, I'll make them available.



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Ok, Shapeways page is up!

Note, I made a couple minor changes to the kit to reduce the parts count, and hence the cost. If you are the first one ordering, Shapeways will indicate that it is a 'first to try' part, but the parts are exactly the same as the pics above.

David Minarik posted:


Just a side note:  You can easily remove the old coupler mounting boss on the premier 2/3 rail truck by unbolting them.  I only learned this after cutting MANY off. LOL

Thank you for doing this!  I cannot wait to get my hands on a set!


Mine were definitely part of the main casting, it turns out, and not removable:



After removal:


I really like the design of the 3/2 trucks, for the most part. I love that you can disassemble them almost completely for cleaning or maintenance (or for attacking with a hacksaw... )  Very serviceable. The only thing I dislike is the exposed gears on the side, which tend to pick up crud over time.


Photos (2)

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