If you are body mounting them you will probably want to stay with shorter cars. If you mount them to the truck you should only have to avoid the longest cars. You can also modify the Kadee's draft gear box to allow for a little more side-to-side coupler swing. 

These same considerations would also apply to your locomotive(s) if you modify them to have fixed pilots.

There was an article in a recent issue of O Gauge Railroading about a hi rail switching layout built on a door. There are videos of it on YouTube. Well worth a look to see that you can run Kadees with sharp curves.

Joe Shipbaugh

Hey Todd, check out the two videos below showing that Kadees can be successfully used on O-42 MTH RealTrax.  The first video is a forward move, when coupler slack is stretched out...and second one is a reverse move when the slack is “bunched”.  

As you will see, pulling forward is no problem whatsoever.  The cars do get much closer together (but don’t touch!) on the reverse move.

All boxcars shown in the video are scale 40’ cars with body-mounted Kadee 740-series couplers with standard-length shank & boxes.


Enjoying this Great Hobby in memory of Dad & Pop...the "original Joe's" responsible for my interest in trains!!

Todd Poole posted:

I Didn't know that truck mount was an option. I've been watching "laidoffsick" on you tube and he was just body mounting. Is Kadee providing mounting options to truck mount? 

NO, Kadee does NOT but other individuals on here have 

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