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Here is an off the wall question. Has anyone ever gotten and Engine with Kadee couplers that came with claw couplers cut off, then retro fitted the claw couplers back on some how?

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You don't "cut-off" electrocouplers.  They are disconnected and removed from the trucks.  Kadees are normally mounted to the engine bodies which may have been modified.  Most manufacturers have parts available that would allow you to return the engines to their original condition.

What engine are you wanting to unconvert?


While the electro-coupler can be removed, the coupler box, if there is one, usually gets in the way of the Kadee coupler box and has to be cut off, usually with a Dremel.

Once cut off I suppose if you still had the box it could be glued back on with JB Weld, but all that I have cut off get tossed in the trash.

Hi Bob thanks,

I did the same thing. I talked to Doug (Laidoffsick) before I did it. It turned out great, but now Im trading it and the guy who wants it was wondering if they could be put back on. I didn't think so but told him I would ask around on the forum.

This locomotive didn't have electro-couplers. By the way do you criticize lionel couplers? There's more people who like them then kadees piece of ****


I never said they had electro-couplers, I am not criticizing  lionel couplers. IMO I think that Kadee Couplers look more realistic then do the claw couplers. I do not judge others on there thoughts. Here is the deal, I am trading this engine cause I want to keep my collection to MTH engines. I don't mind Lionel rolling stock cause everything I get or have get's Kadee couplers.

If you wish to jump my A** over this then maybe I should delete my post. But thank you for your thoughts.

Mike, ignore him, your post/topic is fine like it is.

About the only thing you can do if you ever have a truck mounted electrocoupler pocket that needs to be replaced is to buy a new truck, I don't know if the piece that has the pocket on it can be bought separately though.

Thanks, I think I am just going to leave it as it is and if someone whats to trade me for it with Kadee's then that would be great.

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