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I recently inquired about Kadee #809 magnets unwantedly activating Lionel claw couplers.  You can see the post HERE.

I have since discovered a remedy so that you can run rolling stock with Kadee and claw couplers without the claw couplers being activated.  It is a VERY easy fix:

Step 1: remove the truck from the car and place the truck upside down.

Step 2: with small pliers, SLIGHTLY bend the bottom part of the frame UP on the front of the truck:

Step 3: test on the magnets, it it still activates, repeat step 2.

Step 4: Test the claw coupler pushing on the hidden tab.  Then close the claw with your finger.  If the claw does not close back up, move on to step 5.

Step 5: using the pliers SLIGHTLY bend the metal activation piece along with the bottom part of the frame UP on the middle of the truck:

Repeat step 5 if the claw is still not closing.

Step 6: refasten the truck to the car.


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