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Nate, welcome to the world of Kadee’s. First off. I have pretty much 072 curves using flextrack. All curves have easements. I had no idea at the time and just kind of winged it. I removed the stock coupler and placed the Kadee where it belonged. The cars have gates in the vestibules. The 2 holes provided where pretty much spot on for 2 of the ones on the coupler box. I removed 1 gate on 2 cars and threaded in the 805 Kadee’s. Gave it a test ride and everything seemed fine. Did the rest in the same manner. You do lose the gate mounts but when coupled they can’t be seen. I did add an extra screw as I tend to overbuild. A fairly thick shim is needed.


Now for the right way. At a show a few years ago. I picked up various Weaver Kadee mounts. Below is what it should look like. The holes should be in the chassis and nothing touches the vestibule.


I just looked. I have 2 mounts. Hit my e mail and I’ll get them out to you. I would do one end of 2 cars and give it a test around the layout. If you run into an issue. You could try the longer shanked  Kadee’s and see if it helps. The cars would be further apart but you maybe able to re drill the holes and bring them further in. You need more than 2. You would have at least a template to work with if you rolled your own. The offset is about 3/16”. This is what they look like coupled. My first version sits further in by a bit compared to the stock mount. I would try to work off the metal chassis. I’ve never had an issue. But I would rather have the couplers screwed to metal versus plastic when pulling a consist of cars.


I got themounts from Bob Lavezzi at a show years ago in Gardner MA.. He ended up with a lot of Weavers parts. I don’t have any contact info. Your other option  might be Atlas. Not sure if they used the same setup or if the holes are for their coupler.


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  • E01FBAD9-9DBD-4D18-94B7-0A3F9B4BCF25

I did some cleaning today and came across a GGD Coach. I remember doing it now that I see it. This could be another option.  It had a body mounted Kadee at one end and a pivoting Kadee on the other. Looks like I used the Weaver Bradley 3 rail bracket to mount it. No mods were made to it. I used some brass stock. 2 holes tapped for the Kadee and one for a screw that replaces the original T mount. There is no self centering. But if it’s a consist that stays coupled. Shouldn’t be an issue. Nothing gets modified and you can always revert back.


It pivots like a 3 rail coupler plus the coupler itself can move in the box.


The one knock is you might lose the closer coupling. The Kadee box is back as far as it can go. Not sure why I drilled the holes where I did on the chassis. But on your Weaver. You probably want to work with what’s there. But this is a GGD car. It may come back some on the Weaver. The other option would be to make a shorter bracket. Seeing it pivots. You could use the shorter box version Kadee and gain a 1/4”.


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