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"HONGZ" stands for HO scale, N scale, G scale, and Z scale.

Post your non-O scale stuff here!

Hello, I purchased the Kato N scale 106-085 UP water tender set.

I was having a problem with one of the tenders uncoupling periodically. I noticed that the coupler centering spring was off the post. I popped the coupler off and realized the spring was badly kinked up and not salvageable. I popped the coupler back on with no centering spring and it actually works fine now and does not uncouple by itself.

Are these springs there for centering simply to make the coupling process a little easier? Is this spring only really needed when using magnetic coupling?

Also, does anyone know what part number coupler this is? They are not truck mounted. They just snap off and on but have not seen any like them. Was thinking about picking up a couple spares.



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Thanks Yendor, thats what I was thinking. The spring was jammed to one side so it was making it uncouple periodically. It has worked great since I removed it. I would replace it but not worth paying shipping for a bag of springs that cost a buck.

I am mainly an O gauge guy but picked up a Kato N scale set to put inside of my O gauge track for something else to play with (I didn't go with HO scale because it would not fit with larger curves). I was blown away by the quality in some of these N scale trains, track etc. Just a fun, quality, cheaper option that you can run anything on.

Anything I want in O gauge but will not run on my o31 curves than I get in N scale to run inside my O layout. I just picked up a Union Pacific 7 car excursion set along with water tenders and a FEF steam locomotive. I could not have anything like that in O gauge due to tight curves. I love how the Kato items are in cases and nice foam book cases. Plus it takes up less room so I can hoard more trains 😄.

I run DC only on N scale and use my O gauge trains on the outside loop for sound. Not proto typical by any means but fun to see running.

Anyway I'm off topic but will keep a closer eye on the HONGZ posts.


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