Carey - Thank you for the return message.  Photos of Bernard Corbin's Burlington locomotives can be seen in the May 1958 "Model Railroader" and in Burlington Route Historical Society's "Burlington Bulletin" #36. He constructed more then 100 scratch built Burlington locomotives, as well as D&RGW, C&O, UP and Wabash locomotives. Somewhere - where, o where? - I saw a picture of his E5 and it clearly looked just like yours. Alas, I thought the picture was in Bulletin 36, but not! So I can't cite a photo of Bernard's Adams and Sons E5, but it most assuredly was (the heavy window frames were the memory trigger for me) - - - and I am pretty sure you have his E5, as Jim Seacrest and he were friends. It would appear that all the non Sunset CB&Q locomotives in the Seacrest collection offerings were Corbins.  

If I come across the photo I saw of Corbin's E5, I will advise. He certainly dressed up the base model ! The photo may have been in the BRHS' ancillary publication, "The Zephyr".

Thank you Mark for citing the MR issue with the photos ... I'll check it out ...down the road if and or when you find the photo of  the Benard's E5 please post .    What time span did Bernard Corbin work building models ? 

Thank you Cheers Carey

These engines are nice looking! stainless stell or aluminium are for me the most beautiful "clothing" for locomotives and passenger cars.

However, here in my country, at the time of a passenger cars renovation, a designer have had the weird idea to paint the stainless steel......poor stupid man! 

Nobody agree, but here, the designers are the kings!

jpv in France

Carey - Mr. Corbin started in the 1930's and continued up to his death in 1988.  There was a Corbin Burlington M4 2-10-4 for sale at this year's Chicago O Scale Meet. It had it's own "personality", as compared to some PSC M4 2-10-4's also for sale at the meet. Looked a bit more ponderous, like the prototype. In previous years a number of Corbin's Burlington articulateds were for sale - - - the lone 2-8-8-2 (#4200)  plus an Elesco and a Worthington 2-6-6-2, each. 

Thank you Mark for the additional info about Mr Corbin .... I'll keep a look out for his engines at future meets .

Eric wow you are the master of capturing motion ..... beautiful work  thank you for posting 

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