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Hey great minds think alike!

I'm kit bashing a Lionel Union Pacific RS3 into an CNW booster unit number BU42.  In the 1970's and 1980's  CNW found itself in a power shortage.  They wanted extra tractive effort without having to purchase a new locomotive.  So there were surplus ALCO S and RS and EMD Fb units available.  The prime movers were removed and concrete was add to ballast them. They were called booster units and were coupled to different 4 axle locos. RS  units were spliced in between 2 ALCO Century 420's. Numbering went up to BU 41 for completed units. The last one, BU42  was an RS3 that was canceled before completing.  I'm resurrecting BU42. I made decals for the numbering, the herald and CNW  came from an old Walthers decal set I've been sitting on for over 20 years.



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