Here are two Atlas flatcars I have shortened and added Kadee couplers. They are painted maroon and weathered with burnt sienna and rust colors.  Decals are from a Microscale letter set.  Due to my narrow curves, I like my rolling stock to max out at around 40'.  




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Here is a very brief description of how I cut the cars:

1.  Figure out how much you want to cut out of the length.  It is best to have a general measurement, say around 10 scale feet, not 10 feet 3 inches.  Look at the model to see where the cuts can be made, taking into account the stake pocket spacing, floorboards, etc.  Mark these cut areas with a Sharpie.

2.  Disassemble the model.  Separate the body from the chassis and the floor casting.

3.  Cut the body and glue back together using a straight edge to line up the pieces, don't depend on the accuracy of the cuts.  Allow this to dry a couple of hours.

4.  Fit the body bolsters into the body.  #901 I moved them outward from the stock model and #902 I used the stock location.  Cut up the metal chassis to fit inside the body, with the bolsters properly located.

5.  Mount the body mount couplers, add details, paint, lettering, etc.


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