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Car 103 of the long gone Northwestern Pennsylvania Railway (Erie Pa -Cambridge Springs-Meadville-Linesville-Conneaut Lake) coming along. Conrad Baut roof, East Gary doors, Q Car trucks, windows and some sides from a Labelle kit, Q Car seats and controls, Selley motorman, --not even close to done, but coming along....



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I chose this particular car because its remains are now the Crossroads Dinor in Edinboro, Pa. I have never done a wood model before and have very limited experience building trolleys at all, but really wanted to try to recreate this car....It will have DCC when completed(NCE card) and lighting. No kit for it exists, so I had to improvise quite a bit. With the Q Car seats and bulkheads, it has enough weight so that it ought to track quite nicely. Trolley poles will be Precision scale; roofwalks will be scratch.

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