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I've enjoyed seeing C. M. McMahon's projects on this forum and thought I would start a thread for anyone wanting to post info on their special streetcar building/detailing/painting projects.  I'll start it off with my version of Boston's Mattapan-Ashmont trolleys, 1940s streetcars that are still in daily service.  I used a Corgi body and made the following changes:

  1. blocked off the standee windows with .005 styrene
  2. Dremeled out the window band and divided it up more prototypically
  3. added the second set of double center doors on the left side
  4. added mirrors and the roof headlight and moved the retriever on the back
  5. added a sticker for the system map (prototype also an applied sticker)

Since I belong to a 3-rail club, I used a Bowser drive; like the prototype, only runs forward  (also gave me an excuse to not do the interior).  I like the lines of these before the air-conditioning was added (2008), so left off the AC on the roof.









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