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Looking for the following KMT/Kusan (Franklin, Tennessee production) boxcars:

KMT #9011 New Haven 36406 black/orange/white checkerboard car (not the solid orange car that came with the same number 36406)

KMT #9010 Missouri Pacific 120119 Eagle Merchandise Service


These are 1950s production cars which are slightly larger than Lionel's 6464 series cars, ride on diecast frames and have operating couplers, not later issues from Kris Model Trains (also referred to as KMT).


Will buy outright or trade, empty boxes also of interest if you don't have the cars - I have lots of AMT/KMT duplicates available to swap, Thomas Industries 4-4-0 and tin passenger cars, postwar Lionel available as well.

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The silver SP Overnight box car is the first KMT car I purchased. It was at the TCA York in 1979. I paid $25.00 for it. At the same show in the same building known as the blue hall a table holder had a table full of new or like new AMT box cars. The price was $5.00 each, no boxes. I purchased many of them making 3 trips to his table in order to take them back to a friend's table and put them under his table. This friend is the one that had a large collection of the AMT/KMT cars and locomotives but never owned the # 8011 New Haven. I have another friend who is missing some of the KMT cars so I will ask him if he is still interested in getting them.

I'd like a time travel machine to get those prices - $25 might get you a common Timesaver, green M$STL, Southern or Erie, but the tougher cars (unfortunately, the colorful ones) have shot well past that $25 you got your SP car for.  A few of the plain boxcar red/brown cars are just about as tough to find like the NYC, UP, B&O and Pennsy Don't Stand Me Still are almost never seen for sale.



I asked my friend who came from Rochester, NY and who has most of the AMT/KMT freight cars and he knew the other two who had the # 8011 New Haven box cars. He told me that both of those fellows have since passed away and their collections went to auction several year ago. He now says that he wants to reduce the size of his collection so that he can display other items that are not on display. He has complete Lionel sets from 1955-1959 that he would like to sell plus some other items. Let me know is you are interested.

I'm swamped right now and it's going to take awhile before I can tear into the tubs for trading material.  I know there's a spare, green PRR KMT F unit, probably an RDC with a clear shell, maybe a Monon flat, and duplicate boxcars tucked away.


As far as Lionel sets go, much as I'd love to pick up some postwar, I need to fight the urge and let someone else have a shot.

Wow, from who did you purchase it from? As I had mentioned according to a friend who came from Rochester, NY there are or were 5 in that area. One I had seen in a picture posted on the forum recently and the 2 that I had purchased in the early 2000s at the train meet in Wayne, NJ from the late Jay Duke. Jay had a box containing 12 KMT of the hard to find Kusan box cars that he had gotten the day before the meet including the 2 New Haven checkerboard box cars that I purchased from him. I own some one of a kind freight cars that were prototypes of box cars and the depressed center flat car. I own two of the Missouri Pacific boxcars. One is painted in a flat paint finish and the other is in a glossy finish otherwise that are both the same colors. 

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