Knockoff Lionel Postwar Catalog Puzzle?

While in my local grocery store yesterday I discovered they had added a clearance section near the toy department. While browsing I thought I had found a puzzle depicting an illustration from a postwar Lionel catalog. To my surprise it was not licensed or made by Lionel at all, but rather a company called T.S. Shure. For $2.50 I picked it up because I both enjoy and loathe these horrible Chinese knockoffs (I intend to frame it somewhere in my train room). In the illustration locomotives have their road names changed (United Pacific, Santa Rio Railway, Topeka Central, New Brunswick) and colors have also been altered. I cannot seem to find the original Lionel catalog illustration anywhere, but am I correct in my assumption that this is a Lionel catalog image made into a puzzle? IMG_1124IMG_1130IMG_1129


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TS Shure (a Chicago Company) makes a ton of puzzles from the smaller ones that you found to large floor puzzles.  The one you found is actually still in production.

While it is influenced by toy trains, it's not a cover knock-off.   2-rail track, the names on the trains, etc..

They even mentioned the puzzle was influenced..... etc etc...

Music, trains, boneless chicken farming

 Influenced by toy trains - you’re not kidding

Every train in there is “influenced” by a Lionel illustration from some catalog / artwork / etc

Love the 192 control tower in the background along with other Lionel accessories - nice touch

Ahhhh - the Chinese 😊 🚂

PaperTRW posted:

That’s awful... I love it!

Since I’m a fellow Michigander, which grocery store chain did you find these?




 If you are making a Meijer run, I highly recommend taking a look at the new die-cast trucks they are selling for $9.99 a piece! I purchased both variations for my layout. 




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