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I'm sure some of you are familiar with my tag line "The greatest service you can provide the hobby is to pass on what you've learned."

My thought [that didn't die from loneliness] was that a forum could be added as a repository for ideas that many forum members have shared. Many suggestions are applicable to multiple scales, 2-rail and 3-rail. I'm not talking about track laying, wiring, and control systems, but the odd quirky things that make life easier both in modeling and building.

One I remember from almost 30 years ago was when I was on the original O Scale Yahoo Mail group and a member had an issue keeping the chassis affixed to the old Weaver ACF Center Flow Hoppers. I suggested cementing small wooden blocks on the inside of the body, drilling small holes and screwing the chassis in place. Back then I was the "3-railer in residence" as it was a 2-rail group, but I was being mentored by other members and the suggestion was well received. I learned most of what I know from those guys, many of whom have since passed away.

I don't want all of the forum knowledge that's out there to be lost. I'm thinking that there would only be a few threads in the forum, but I think they'd be an important resource for those who follow. Some topics I though of from the top of my head include:

  • Structures (material suggestions, sources, bonding/building techniques, etc.)
  • Benchwork (material suggestions for various applications, weight saving, etc.)
  • Detailing techniques (go beyond just changing trucks and couplers)
  • Mentors' advice
  • Advice for those starting out (planning for the long term, etc.)
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I agree... that is sort of how the 'stickies' work.  There are some incredibly informative threads... but, finding them and then and wading through an entire thread to get to the nuggets can be a tad frustrating.

Would it be best to start from scratch?  It may be a lot faster and far more concise... and, you already know the authors!  Then there is keeping it organized... so, an editor.  An editor who has already started an outline!  An editor who has IMHO the Best Tag Line!   Let me see... editor, editor ...hmm.

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