Korber Lionel Factory 001

The dock posts were not glued in. I don't think I glued the overhangs either but shipped separately.

I used Robert's Brick mortar. I could never get the hang of diluted acyrillic paints. I tried powder one time. Looked great until I sprayed with Dullcote. Then it went everywhere.

Korber Lionel Factory 002

Korber Lionel Factory 003

Korber Lionel Factory [10)

Korber Lionel Factory [11)

Korber Lionel Factory [12)

Korber Lionel Factory [13)

Korber Lionel Factory [14)


Korber Lionel Factory [16)

Joe Fauty


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I thought it would be fun to compare this model with the Sager Place building as it exists today.  Here it is, courtesy of Google Maps:

Sager Place Factory

It appears that pretty much all facades have been obscured by subsequent construction, but the big chimney provides a good point of reference. This image of the model is from a similar perspective:




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Joe the finished product looks great.  I've seen some WE HONEST auctions on ebay, don't recall if I've ever tried them out.  As far a superglue for the older Korber models, have you ever tried the Gorilla brand super glue.  I've read here on the forum it has some rubber type compound in the formula to give it a little elasticity so that it's not as brittle as other brands.

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