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I guess everybody received the mail from Mr Muffins Trains today. Out of curiosity, I opened it and looked at some of the products. The Korber Models caught my eye. So the question is; has anybody used a Korber Model, in either 0 or H0, on their S gauge layouts? How much over or under sized are they?

Tom Stoltz

in Maine

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Tom, the only O scale Korber items I have on my layout are the 305 and 305A sand house and tower. Even these were modified to fit the space available. We were able to get a lot of S scale items from Twin Whistle that fit the desired scenes. We use a lot of HO structures, some modified with taller bases and doors. The Walthers catalog was a good source for these larger HO structures like a Union Station, oil tanks, rail yard buildings factory structures and power plants.

In general it was easier to use larger HO items that to cut down O scale items.

Hi Tom,

I also have a ton of HO, but don't know how that would work.

As for the Reading Coaches, I used American Models undecorated (pullman green) and decaled them with LBR decals for Reading.  I don't use them that much because the couplers droup and uncouple.  Thought of a way to correct it, e.g. make a c rack out of brass to support the coupler without restricting it, but didn't have time, and now NPS is not running.

Keep us advised of your request with Ron for Reading coaches.


@AmFlyer posted:

I find the coupler droop mostly occurs with the two axle trucks. Since I changed all the coaches to the three axle trucks the problem mostly was eliminated. On a few pesky uncouplers I just clipped off the offending coupler weights since I do not remotely uncouple my passenger car sets.

I have a set of the undecs and John Hall decals yet to be applied, but like I mentioned on another list, Ron will probably get there long before me.

depending on min radius, body mount Kadee couplers are an option.  I use the #5 couplers.

Tom Stoltz

in Maine

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The power plants here in Niagara Falls are massive, so the Korber Model, although big,  was just perfect to duplicate the huge windows on the prototype.  I combined it with some HO models and the big doors on the HO model on the Left are actually larger than the doors on the O Scale Korber Model.  Both the HO and O model look just "right" in S  (There is an S scale figure and a Johnny Lightning Car on the left to give you a sense of proportion) 


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