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  Hopefully someone can help you out with the proper instructions. If not. Go to Mr. Muffins site and bring up the Korber kits. They have PDF files with the instructions. Some are better than others. I realize this is an older kit and you may not find the exact kit. Some kits may be the same structure with just a different name. Korber made a variety of walls  that found there way into different kits. Just in a different configuration.  But you maybe can find something close as far as what was used in your kit to get you started.

John of O, As a last resort, maybe I can help you. I have put together a number of older Korber kits and sometimes the newer instructions don't match what is in the older box. If you have an old instruction sheet, and you want me to look at it, send it to my email on my profile page. I just finished an older Korber kit and the instructions in that box weren't correct. You can also call me if you like, my phone is there too. Bill Park

Dave, did an internet search and then went to Mr. Muffin's, he doesn't currently show this kit.  A kit that is similar is Kit 915 Quaker Foods Kit.  The pdf for that kit has less info than the sheet that I have.  It's possible they might not have provided anything more than what I have.  Thank you for the input!

I see what you mean. Acme Die and Shanahan Freight seem to have the same walls and have detailed instructions. They may be of some help. The are pretty straight forward kits. Most of the stripwood provided is just for bracing the insides of the corners.

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of their kits. Reach out to Bill as he maybe familiar with your kit. The way the kits are made. They are great for kitbashing and can be combined with other kits to make a unique structure for a given space. Just make sure you give the walls a good scrub and wash in something like Dawn to get any mold release off before painting.

I would look at a few of the others that are similar, the new instructions have mostly a combination of the same steps applied to the various kits. This one has the separate windows, that step is in the newer instructions, the roof top water tower is documented in the stand alone roof top water tank.

these particular modes have 5 walls four on the outside and one in the middle for the second floor fourth wall.  Use a square to alight the walls and block the inside using the wood provided for support.

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