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I received my kit #305 from Mr. Muffin's a couple months ago and just now putting it together.  I have painted the sand tower and working on the house and bin. 


The picture and instructions for the sand tower have the tower next to the house with a connection between the house roof and the top of the tower to input the sand.  It talks about placing the tower away from the house, but no guidance.  Well, I want the tower between two tracks so I am having the sand getting blown through an underground pipe up to the tower.  The problem is getting the sand up to the top of the tower.

I decided to use a wood rod for the pipe, and looked at both 1/8" and 3/16".  When next to the tower, the 1/8" looked better.


I painted the rod the same color black, but it needed a base of some sort.  So I cut one out and painted it a concrete color.


Finished product.


This is my only second building project in maybe 60 years, so still relearning techniques to use.  I built a little out of order from the instructions and probably should not have.

On to the sand house.


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CAPPilot, That’s a great looking tower. Good luck with the rest of the project. I would like your opinion on a closely related question.
I acquired the pit and the sand house from the For Sale forum not knowing they were part of a kit. Now I need a tower.
I found the Lionel Sand Tower 6–14255 at an online retailer. Do you think this accessory would look too anachronistic next to the house and pit?  My layout is mostly transition era stuff.
Thanks, Mark

@Scott R posted:

Mark, I believe the sand tower is available as a separate kit from Mr Muffin’ Korber website

What Scott said.

The Lionel Sand Tower 6–14255 is decent and I actually have one to use on the diesel track.  The few photos I have found of prototypes of similar design were always with diesels, so I guess it is a later design then what comes with the Korber kit.

I did finish the house and bin.



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