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Last week Malcolm had a listing for caboose's for sale. Having a few EJ&E cars and a engine I needed to have one of his scratch built caboose.  I had missed out a few years ago on one of his pieces.  Not only does he do great work but also excellent packaging for shipping his work. The caboose looks great switching with our GP38 and soon a SW1500 that is ordered. A few pics and video of it in action.  We also have some scrap EJ&E caboose that closely resemble the model.. Thanks Malcolm 



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Cabeese, individuality after a sea of red boxes, click-clacking past you, as you peer over the down gate.  I would hope BL has shelves full of cabeese, with a retained example of every version he's built. Should have inquired when he was building recent FEC sidedoors.  Two bright orange ex-FEC's followed sugar beet trains, and #90,  on the Great Western, once upon a time.  Ah, the good ole days....

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