Ed, just a note to say how much I enjoyed your most recent "Collector's Gallery" piece detailing your re-acquaintance with model trains via the No. 6-8702 Lionel Southern Crescent & the No. 5793 Lionel GG-1.  The circa 1969 photo of "military Ed" was also a treat (thank you for your service!).  Any future follow-up stories on the green, Southern Crescent passenger cars & the No. 8801 Blue Comet you bought would be welcome.  Thanks again!

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Looks Like I am going to have to dig out the 1977-1978 Southern Crescent cars, along with some of their contemporaries for comparisons, and feature them in "Collector's Gallery". Folks have been asking for this since Run 312 came out.  I think we will all be surprised at how many years it took to finally finish the original Southern Crescent series.

Okay, we can also do the No. 8801 Blue Comet engine and cars as well. What the heck. There is some real historical and marketing significance for Modern Era "Lionelistas" on these subjects that affected the future course of our hobby.

Thank you for the kind words.

Ed Boyle

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Ed I have the issue but have not read it yet but would love to hear more about both sets as I have both and did pick up the dining car when it came out and have the Milwaukee Road set to include the extra coupon cars and dining car.


In the coming months you will be hearing more about the Modern Era Southern Crescent set and other significant engines and rolling stock related to sets from that time frame. Thanks to all of you who are showing interest in this subject. Happy to oblige.

Ed Boyle


After reading the Collector's Gallery I had to get out my Southern Crescent and run it. I had converted it to TMCC  and added a early sound system with whistle, bell, and chugging. I had bought the dinning car so it is a six car set. It is a nice looking train. Next month I'll get out the Blue Comet.


You are absolutely on the right track. Those are exactly the topics that I want to discuss in upcoming Collector's Galleries.

Delighted that great minds think alike. :-)

I believe we can shine a light on some interesting Modern Era Lionel history that will be really enjoyable for those who have the sets, as well as folks who don't and will now have the opportunity to learn more about an intriguing  bit of MPC lore and its significance to the O gauge hobby.

Besides, it is really fun to take out some of the older sets and run them again, as you just discovered. Converting these sets to command control can also enhance this nostalgic experience. All in all, there are a number of positives in exploring these topics and it will be a pleasure to bring them to our readers.

Thanks ,David  for sharing your experiences and fun running the Southern Crescent.

Ed Boyle


            GREAT article , very informative ,fun reading .I have the blue comet set ,looking forward to more off your great articles you're a great asset  to OGR ,an the model railroad community . techman  

Ed do you if and where I could pickup a replacement tender shell for the Southern Crescent Set mine is warped?I guess from heat not sure. Both the Blue Comet and Milwaukee Road sets are fine. 

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