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I have a small collection of Kusan all plastic freight cars. I have always wanted one of the Kusan Alcos to pull these Kusan freight cars around with. I finally found one that also came with the K-line motors and chassis so it would work on 3 rail. It was not perfect but fixable.


Let's see your Kusan Alcos.



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I've long admired Kusan/KMT's FA offerings.

As produced by Kusan/KMT, they had a nice low stance and snuggled onto the trucks much like the cast frame Lionel FA's. Though I also like the stamped frame Lionel FA's, I like that snuggled down look of the cast frames better.

About the only thing Kusan/KMT I have collected over the years is a handful of pictures of their FA offerings that interest me:

Another view of their MKT FA:


A small pic of a set of their Frisco FA's...


Their great looking Mop FA wearing the Mop freight scheme...



They also did a Mop passenger scheme on their FA...


I've often wondered if I could adapt their shells to Lionel cast frame mechanims. Doing so would give me the best of both worlds:

* The nice looking Kusan/KMT bodies/paint schemes.

* The nice running qualities of the Lionel cast frame FA.

Oh well... I can dream, can't I?



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Hi Don, thanks.

I am always lurking around just every now and then I find something to post.

The sounds are from a supposedly real alco fa horn I found online. I just recorded it with a voice recorder on an old android phone I have and then play it back via bluetooth to a Jam bluetooth speaker I tried to hid behind the Lionel gateman house on the layout. Nothing too fancy, I thought it sounded good so I thought others might enjoy it too.

It was nice to finally get a kusan alco, with K-line motor and chassis, to pull my small collection of kusan series 1 freight cars around. Have to be careful as those all plastic cars are pretty light weight.

Take Care


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