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Hey everyone,

I’ve got a really interesting one for you folks today. Its a kw transformer problem involving power going to the tracks. Train that is trying to be run on the tracks is a 2360 gg1 with three 2500 series cars.

- when either U and A or U B are hooked to the tracks the gg1 struggles to run forward or reverse at max 20 volts. I measured the volts coming out of the transformer on either side and they both come out to 20 volts on the reader. So theres a rather strange power loss.

- I then swapped the wires over to the zw post to see if its the engine or the track and it ran perfectly normal And fast like all dual motor engines. And the transformer gave out a solid 20 volts just like the kw. My question is this.

”what the heck is going here??? Am I totally overlooking something here?”

By the way, I understand that the kw is a very weird transformer and have consulted with my service manual by k line to see if I wired everything right.

Input and help is greatly appreciated

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