Help! The beacon won't turn, any and all advise is appreciated

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Which version do you have? A post a couple days ago, you mentioned putting some kind of powder on it, which threw me off. The K-0132 is the beacon with the silver top and uses a light bulb with a dimple it in. The K-0132EX is the version with a vibrator motor and a black plastic top.

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Okay, you have the one with the vibrator motor. It should also have a rubber washer with small "fingers" sticking up out of one side. The washer goes down first with the rotating beacon on top of this. You will need the washer to get this to work, and the little fingers need to be there and in good shape.

K-Line also originally included a couple of paper washers to go between the rubber washer and the rotating beacon... I'm assuming to help longevity of the "fingers" on that rubber washer.

For more trouble shooting, you might try hooking up the tower to a small adjustable transformer (versus accessory posts on a larger one) and make sure the vibrator mechanism is working. 

To see if the vibrator is functional, turn on the power and take a small screw driver or metal washer and hold it above the vibrator part of the tower. If, with power applied, it gets pulled downward, it is working, and the problem is either then the washer - or lack of a washer.

The word "rubber washer" struck a note. I hadn't seen any. Too many people looking at things. Actually, I got lucky and found it. Working now, thank you.

Glad it worked out. A helpful tip for you: If you have an extended period where you plan on not running your trains at all, take the beacon top off the tower and set it nearby. Although it is certainly not all that heavy, it will extend the life of the rubber washer - in particular the little rubber fingers on the washer.

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