Looking for some advice please. The smoke output on my Big Boy has declined and I think its time for some new batting.


This engine has the vision whistle which I know runs from the same smoke unit but presumably with its own fan.


Is there anything I need to consider when taking apart and changing the batting?


I would also add that smoke setting is already on "high" and I am using Mega steam.





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Just use the Lionel "rope" batting all fluffed up is my recommendation and fill with fluid until saturated while its all apart. 


You may want to count the drops from your favorite fluid dispenser so you have an idea how much the thing can hold.


I only have the Legacy Lionmaster Big Boy sans whistle smoke effect so I can't give you any tips for that version.





  I put the Lionel smoke unit upgrade kit in mine and the rope batting they give you is long enough to fill both chambers. Just make sure you saturate it well before you button it up. Be careful of the rubber gasket between the fans and the chamber it is very ease to tear the gasket when you separate them.

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