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@cbojanower posted:

Perhaps since it was a short season it will be a gondola instead of a full box car.

Maybe just an ore car since 102 games were chopped off the regular season or a hot box reefer with an asterisk recognizing the disastrous pandemic-abbreviated season.  What about an appropriately liveried  hobo car with an umpire chasing a #10 jersey-clad Dodger with flowing auburn locks?

What, me worry?

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No, not much of a market, but it does make a great train.

  • Lionel engine
  • 3 MTH freight cars
  • 4 Lionel boxcars
  • My car above
  • 3 Lionel passenger cars

Lionel and MTH only made 3 freight cars each, but I got two Lionel uniform cars and switch one around so I can show off the home uniform and the away uniform.

So I have an 11 car MLB train.

C&O Allan: Your decal jobs are some of the most professional I've ever seen.

Did you ever visit Hall's Hobby House in Dallas?  If you never had the opportunity to meet "Miss Hall" you missed your train!  A grand lady who always greeted her customers (new or old) with a huge Texas sized smile.  The Thursday evening Bull Sessons with fellow model railroaders and all the good hot coffee you could drink (for free too!) remains unforgettable to all the guys and gals who knew Bobbye Hall personally.

Hall's Hobby House was indeed, a Texas institution, but known worldwide.

Allan, WOW to the UT creation!

Though I no longer lived in Texas when Miss Hall retired, we continued to exchange Christmas cards every year until her passing.  Hall's Hobby House was much more than a Texas institution, but also a great hangout for the guys while the wifes were busy shopping at Neiman-Marcus.

In it's time, Hall's was indeed, the best little hobby shop in Texas!


No, it does not play The Eyes.  The only thing that does in this house is my Euphonium, which is why I have LHB and LHAB on one side. 

Trinity River - there were a couple good ones in the Austin Area.  The main one was the Collectable Caboose.  They had great selections, and I used to stop in and work a bit just to have fun.

Allan: Though I never worked for Bobbye, all the regulars were always ready to give a helping hand when business was brisk and Bobbye and the crew were tied up with other customers.  We'd invite new heads over to the coffee pot for a cup and conversation until Miss Hall or one of the guys could take over.  Hall's was more than just a hang out, it was a home away from home to most of the regulars.  Dallas ain't the same no more from the gab I get from a couple of guys I'm still in contact with.  Progress?  Only on the C&O I'm afraid, where memories come by the box car load!

I rode C&O from Lee Hall, VA (Ft.Eustus) to Richmond on my way to serve in the US Army Transportation Corps in Germany in January 65.

The routing was: C&O, RF&P, PRR, USAF MATS , Deutsche Bundesbahn.  More  great memories!

@cbojanower Go Blue!! Would love to see this car as well. After it was stolen from us in 2017, we got beat good in 2018, fail in 2019- the 2nd biggest market could us a World Series Box car! Unfortunately, as has been alluded to above, the mfg who was our best bet for such a car (MTH) isnt going to be making one. Hopefully someone comes up with one somewhere down the line

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