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I notice this O scaler making a 60’ Centerbeam lumber car with opera openings similar to the Overland brass model brought out 15-20 years ago.

this appears to be his 2nd O scale project making the B&A coach his first O scale project.

He appears to be a producer of On30 items.

Seeking input from 2 rail O scale modelers that have prior experience from this manufacturer before buying a few of his  center beams.

Thank you.


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Dylan did a power truck for an O Scaler in Minnesota.  Works perfectly.  I think the lumber cars are priced right given what they are and how they need to be produced.  That being the case I ordered a bunch.  He uses Paypal so you do have a level of protection although as far as I can tell there are no complaints, concerns or reason for concern.

As Dick previously posed, it would be nice to see him at the March Meet.

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