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Life changes but still love my trains. 2023 update: I’m currently working on a new layout that will be in one of the previous rooms. The wall went back up as we were about to sell the house but the housing market is nuts right now so postponing that idea.

This will just be a simple double main line with what I can work with in the small space but can enjoy running trains. Currently laying out track on the floor to prepare for the new bench work build. Thanks to those still following along even a few years later lol.



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Regarding your question to Mark concerning grades over on his page .... it's all a matter of how many cars you want to pull and how heavy they are.  I prefer freights of 15ish cars, as that's the capacity of my arrival/departure tracks.

I just became able to run trains on my layout-under-construction in April.  It has 2 grade segments in the 3-3½% range, depending on specific location and variations inevitable in construction over a slightly-sloped floor.  Both have curves (104 & 112 diameter).  Track is GG & Ross.

So far, engines lacking traction tires are the most-challenged.  A Lionel 6-18064 Mohawk is limited to about 8 cars in order to avoid slipping when going uphill.  I have only two other such engines, the 6-18005 Hudson and the 6-18009 Mohawk, which I haven't tried yet.

In contrast, the newer 6-35083 L2a Mohawk, with tires, hauls 15 cars with aplomb, as does my 6-14553 scale F3 and a 1990s Weaver Baldwin Shark.  My 3rd Rail Dreyfuss Hudson handled 6 K-Line 18" aluminum cars without issue, but I suspect that longer trains may prove challenging for it.

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Waiting on some more switches to come in but starting to mock up some track. I know it’s not big by no means but used most of the available space I could for the time being. Outside is Atlas 063 and inner will be 054. Should be able to run a majority of what I like to run.


The bench work looks great and the fact that you are already able to start laying track is a good thing. You have a very manageable space and can pack in a lot of detail and still get to "almost" done status before it's time to leave this earth. Also, if you ever plan to have a larger layout you can build your skill level nicely with this set up. I'm anxious to see what you do with it. Keep it coming.


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Thanks for the kind words everyone. The switches showed up so have had some more time to tinker with layout ideas. I have a pretty good idea how I want to do things. Just gotta check clearances and be sure to not get carried away with track and rob myself of real estate for buildings and scenery.


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