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I had some electronic components and software leftover from a CNC plasma cutting table, and used it to computerize the operation of my turntable. I have a number of short G-code files, each of which rotates the turntable to a specific track.  It is also possible to program a series of moves with a key controlled pause in between.  Thus, the table could rotate to a particular roundhouse track and pause while a locomotive is loaded and then, after a mouse click, rotate to the exit track, then another, etc., etc.


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  • CNC turntable: Laptop controlled turntable
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I saw the title and thought I'd ask about what equipment you used and then thought the better of it. Then I looked at the picture and saw what you were using for equipment. Maybe there is a use for the Torchmate electronics I have stored in the storage shed from the 5' x 10' plasma table I built. Just couldn't bring myself to discard the components.


Small World!  I used to own the Torchmate company.  We used private labeled FlashcutCNC electronics and software at that time, and I used one of the early micro stepping signal generator/driver boxes.  Without looking, I believe the stepper motor was around 180 oz/in.  The micro stepping is essential to keep the turntable bridge from jerking between steps.  Pretty easy to substitute the Nema 23 frame stepper for the DC Grainger motor that came on the turntable.


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