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Is this the right sub forum for this?  Anyway. This is a privately built/run Live steamers railroad.  This Gentlemen also has a very large MTH layout indoors to keep himself busy in the winter.  I have an invite and hope to visit this summer.  Being private it's off limits to the public, only guests and friends are allowed.   Located somewhere in Connecticut.  That's all I can say. Enjoy

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Notice in the first video how he blows right through the red stop signal at 7:27!

His head is down. Must be checking text messages on his phone. 😉

There is a large live steam group here in north Georgia, not far from Atlanta - the Canton, St. Paul and Pacific. Our O gauge club has visited up there twice now but, as the OP notes for the location in Connecticut, CStP&P is “by invitation only”.

Here is their website.


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The Adirondack Live Steamers in upstate NY are having our Spring Meet this weekend. We have 1.5 miles of mainline down, plus probably that amount in sidings and yard tracks. Don't know the mileage on the Brick Mountain Railroad, but we are one of the largest in 7.25" gauge (but not 7.50" gauge).

What I meant was largest private.  Many of my Brethren at the Pioneer Valley live steamers have been up your way for a visit.  I would like to someday also

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If you are anywhere near the St. Louis area be sure to visit the Wabash, Frisco and Pacific in Pacific, MO.  It is not a club for members to bring locos, but it is run and maintained by volunteers.  They even rebuild and maintain their locomotives.  You have to buy a ticket to ride but it's a nice ride along the Merrimack river.

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