Did my first lash up today with a J-1e Hudson and a BN 4400 diesel.   Both are PS3 engines.  Totally new to this aspect of the DCS.  As far as I can determine, the original engines were set up for 80 max speed, auto coupler slack, chuff rate at 2, accel / decel both at 1 and sound volume at 70.  When I bring up the lash up all of those settings are changed back to apparent  “default” settings and I cant even find a way to change them within the lashup.  Then when I bring up the individual engine after the lash up all these settings have been saved back to the individual engine and I have to reprogram them all again.  

Is this correct behavior?  Am I missing something somewhere.  I find it maddening.

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You can't carry the individual control settings into the consist (lash-up). We have talked to MTH about this and they have modified the program to have some of these settings for the total consist. I too wish they would let us control all the settings in the consist.

 I believe this is discussed in one of the sticky topics on top of the DCS forum?

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