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With regards to Lionel ABA set 6-34513 along with optional powered B, 6-34514. These are early Legacy F7s with the R4LC chip (if pertinent). I know the units require individual (Engine) ID's for controlling unit specific features, but here is my question:

When assigning Train ID's, would I need to program ID's for every combination of units? For example train with powered A and dummy A, train powered A and powered B, train ABA, train ABBA, etc. Or, can I just make one ABBA train to cover any combination?

Not sure if the direction (on/off) of the headlights are part of the equation, but I think you have to address that option under Engines anyway. Sorry if my question hurts your brain, but neither the engine manuals or Legacy manual helped. I'm trying to conserve my limited lash up count.


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I had that same set for a while and is very impressive especially with all smoke units operating.  The horn is pretty sweet also.

I assigned each locomotive an ID (e.g., 18, 19, 20 & 21).  Then built Train 18 with all of them included and proper orientation.  Running as an ABBA the front coupler, rear coupler, front headlight and rear headlight work as expected.  The powered B is the only other unit with a rear facing electro-coupler.  Both B units have backup lights. 

So, if you want to run any version shorter than the ABBA you will sacrifice rear uncouplers and backup lights unless you program the "shorter" combination as Trains also. 

I'm new to this... but, I think the short answer is Yes.   I run the Lionel Sharknose ABBA with each unit ID'd.  Today I was just running the AA units so I simply deleted the B's from the Train Configuration (Build) and hit 'Set'.  When I want to run a different configuration I add or delete the units and hit 'Set' for that run.  I have run the Dummy A leading the consist with the Powered B in an AB config.  I have also run the Pwr'd A and Pwr'd B uncoupled and six inches apart... pretty funny.

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