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Beautiful pictures, beautiful model railroad, I suppose this story ends with the idea that the model railroad will be going away and the trains will be finding a new home? I know it’s gotta be hard to let go of a lifetime with toy trains and the memories that go with the fun along the way, building, planning, dreaming, and the fun of running trains with friends and family. I too will be planning for my trains last run in a couple of years and now I’m trying to see what the best way to sell my collection would be. Although I will not have a layout after all is said and done, I have plenty of friends to visit. My wishes for whom this thread is about, have a good life. God Bless. Happy Railroading Everyone

So sad to see those shelves empty when they were once filled with locomotives.

Many thanks to Steve (Corsair29) for lunch yesterday and a great time and also many thanks to Steve for all the great times and great memories throughout all the years. Anyone who didn't get a chance to see this layout really missed out on something special.

Even these guys had a great time yesterday:



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