Progress comes in small steps.  From the YaHoo S-Trains board:


"All of the hard tooling has been moved to the new
builder. Sanda Kan's holding company, Kader Industries has finally agreed that
our printing plates and paint spray masks belong to us and are trying to locate.
My previous engineer told me that he had consolidated all of these, but that was
a year ago and they have closed that factory in March. Lastly we are trying to
get the last few autocad drawings for a few of the projects. This will greatly
aid if any tooling needs to be repaired. We do have all of the printed
drawings, just missing some of the computer generated CAD files.
Next comes the mounting of our tools and testing each one. This could take



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Originally Posted by ajzend:

Which manufacturer is this?



SHS = S-Helper Service, manufacturer of Flyer compatible and scale locomotives and rolling stock.



Last I heard, SHS hoped to have production going again by the end of 2012.


While the Sanda Kan/Kader fiasco may be tough on us, it's got to be absolutely miserable for S Helper, American Models and S Scale America.  We have to remember that compared to most model train manufacturers, these are very small companies that do not have the resources available that the larger ones have.



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