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When using foam roadbed, should any type of adhesive be applied then laying track over it or is using screws suffcient to do so?  If adhesive is suggested, what kind as it has to permit possible track relocation in thr future. Thanks to all responses.

I think it's really dealer's choice.

A lot of enthusiasts have had good luck with a thin layer of all-purpose adhesive between the foam roadbed and the top of the layout, followed by securing the track over the roadbed. There are plenty of YouTube videos detailing that process.

OTOH, I ended up temporarily pinning the foam roadbed in place, then used small nails to secure the track above it and extending into the foam board top layer of the layout, using no adhesive at all. The final step was securely gluing the track, roadbed and added ballast in place.

So, I think either technique will yield good results, and as long as you don't overdo the adhesive, you may be able to reuse the track, the roadbed, or both.

In another thread on installation of train shelves, @AlanRail used Alien Tape to hold his shelves in place on the wall prior to the addition of screws into the shelves & wall.  

Maybe Alien Tape can also be used to hold your roadbed in place while the track is installed & ballasted ?

If the track & roadbed later need to be removed, the Alien Tape is supposed to be easy to reposition.

At this point in time, I have no experience with Alien Tape

CB&Q Bill

I only used woodland scenic foam glue on short foam stripes where lining up the track work was critical due to layout lift out sections.

They also have foam nails (comparable to a thumb tack) that help you shape the foam prior to screws.

In the areas I glued that needed adjustments, the foam would tear and have no problems with the foam shifting using only screws.

I glue down the foam with a thin layer of white glue mostly to finalize the path of the track.  For sectional track and long straights, I lay the track down loosely on top of the foam and adjust the foam as needed.  Even with the glue, it still can be removed with a putty knife.  

I have had to secure Woodland scenics foam roadbed with pins or weights, but with softer foam like Flexbed, that was not necessary.


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